SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Justice for Gabby Ramos may take months, even years.

Ramos was murdered in last October and her family is growing impatient as the alleged killer has not been found.

Taylorsville police believe that Manuel Burciaga-Perea fled to Mexico after the shooting.

“I don’t know why it’s taking too long,” said Rocio Sifuentes, Gabby’s sister. “I know it’s between two countries.”

It began last October when Burciaga-Perea arrived at Ramos’ home she shared with Sifuentes.

“We were talking about it and he knocked on the door,” recalled Sifuentes.

Burciaga-Perea was looking for Ramos.

“(He was) muy siloso, jealous person, protective person,” said Sifuentes.

Ramos had broken off their relationship and he arrived to retrieve personal belongings.

“He was asking for the ring and he was really violent and I recorded him,” said Sifuentes. “I called 911 and said he was violent.”

He left without seeing Ramos but returned before Taylorsville police arrived.

“He just pulled the gun up or out and he shot my sister in front of me,” Sifuentes said. “He shot her like 7 times.”

He fled, most likely to Mexico according to police. He has yet to be found.

Ramos’ family and friends will not let her murder become a cold case. They’ve held rallies reminding the public the alleged killer is still on the run.

Salt Lake district attorney Sim Gill said his office is familiar with these kinds of cases.

“There’s a process involved and it takes some time,” Gill said. “It’s not like our law enforcement can go into a foreign country and they have carte blanche to do whatever they want to do.”

But he said they’ve had successes. Example, two women were murdered in 2006 and again in 2007.
The suspect Juan Arreola-Murrillo fled to Mexico and just this year was finally arrested.

Then there’s the case of Paris Gustin of Salt Lake City. The alleged killer was finally extradited to Utah after being on the run for nearly 6-years.

“I’m obviously ecstatic,” said his mother Ashley Gustin following the arrest. “We’ve been waiting five-and-a-half years now. In my heart I always knew that I’d never stop looking for him and that I was going to do everything in my power to make sure he was caught.”

And now it’s the turn of Gabby Ramos’ family to wait for their justice.

“Mexico has to do all the paperwork,” she said. “I got it but it’s been six months. It’s been really hard for me, my family and my niece.”

A spokesman for Taylorsville police said their warrant for arrest has been sent to the U.S. Department of Justice. He said will be up to the agency to present it to the Mexican government. If Mexico and U.S. officials agree to the terms a warrant will then be issued for Burciaga-Perea and it will be up local law enforcement in Mexico to arrest. him.