SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The search for a handgun may provide clues as to who murdered two women in Moab.

Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte were found shot to death near their campsite south of Moab.  The murder happened in mid-August and to date authorities in Grand County have yet to find a suspect.

“If they can find the murder weapon, it might tie to the killer,” said Jason Jensen, a private investigator hired by the Schulte family.

It’s the latest move by Sean Paul Schulte and Jensen, who are still waiting for the Grand County Sheriff’s office to offer information about the murders.

“Their evidence is on complete total lockdown,” said Sean Paul Schulte, Kylen’s father.  “They won’t tell me anything at all about DNA fingerprints, gun ballistics, any of it. They’re super-tight lipped about it.”

But at the campsite, according to a search warrant, authorities found four bullet casings belonging to a 9 mm gun.

The family’s private investigator is focusing on that gun.

“This is what we’re after right now, any 9mm that has some suspicious overtones,” Jensen said. “We want to know about that individual, about that transaction.”

Jensen learned of a police report in Cortez, Colorado.  That’s where a Moab man report his 9mm along with two other weapons were stolen from his camper in late June.

“What he reported was that a Turkish 9mm was stolen and what he’s talking about is a custom 9mm,” Jensen said. “And this is what a Turkish 9mm looks like.”

Jensen then displayed an example of a 9mm handgun.

He said in a small town like Moab, everybody knows everyone’s business and hopes someone heard something tied to the 9mm.

“So, if somebody was trying to sell a gun, peddle a gun, trade a gun, it might turn up in a conversation,” he said.  “So we’re hoping that somebody overheard somebody trying to get rid of a gun that we want to know who that person is.”

Kylen’s father was also encouraging the 9mm gun search.  And while he encouraged tips from the public, he cautioned against naming possible persons of interest on social media.

“It is a little bit concerning that names are getting put all over the place,” he said.  “I would feel bad for someone whose name is being dropped that is not the bad guy.”

Jensen said anyone with information can reach him through his website or Facebook.