SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – The father of Kylen Schulte is confident about who killed his daughter and partner.

Schulte and Crystal Turner were found nearly a year ago murdered. They had been shot to death at their campsite in the La Sal Mountains.

While authorities have yet to confirm who murdered the couple, the father of Schulte is doing so now. He said law enforcement had the right person all along.

“Yeah,100 percent,” said Sean Paul Schulte. “We’re talking about Adam (Pinkusiewicz) being our guy. We’re talking about him acting alone.”

In May, the Grand County sheriff’s office named Pinkusiewicz a suspect in the case. He fled the Moab murder after the women were murdered. In September he committed suicide. Authorities said he told a friend that he murdered two women in Moab. But to date, the sheriff’s office has not named him as the killer.

After recent discussions with law enforcement, Sean Paul Schulte is convinced he murdered the women.

“It’s the confidence (they have),” Schulte said. “It’s the way that law enforcement and Unified (Police) is speaking with me now. They can’t tell me what they have but they can tell me that once they do close the case and they do hand all the files over to me, I’ll be shocked with the preponderance of evidence.”

Schulte even posted on his Facebook page that the “case is solved” and law enforcement and others told him “we have the right guy.”

And he said investigators found sufficient evidence at the crime scene to lead them eventually to Pinkusiewicz.

“He really was careless at the crime scene,” the father said. “Even though there was multiple types of ammo used, we still always thought it was one person with one weapon. And the language that law enforcement is using when I discuss the case with them just confirms that with me.”

As for motive, there doesn’t appear to be one. Pinkusiewicz did work at the same fast food restaurant as Turner. There was one incident where he was told to leave her alone after she went into the kitchen and helped herself to food. Pinkusiewicz reportedly became angry and complained to the manager.

“It seems more like there’s no good reason for what happened,” said Schulte. “He’s severely mental. Whether or not he was upset because the girls were getting preferred treatment at work. I think that might be answered when we get the full evidence.”

Schulte said law enforcement is waiting for all of the evidence to be processed before naming the killer.

A spokesman for the Grand County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t confirm any of these details and said their case is still ongoing.