SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – The dog isn’t biting the fact Adam Pinkusiewicz is the suspect in Moab’s double murders.

Wednesday, the Grand County sheriff named Pinkusiewicz as the suspect in the murders of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner.

But in an exclusive interview with ABC4, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is going in a different direction.

“The reason we don’t believe Adam is the guy is we have several other information, several other people telling us that it’s not him and that they got other information,” said Dog.

It’s a new development uncovered by the bounty hunter who has been in Moab this week investigating the murders of the two women.

Last August, Schulte and Hunter were murdered at their campsite south of Moab. The killer got away.

But Wednesday, Sheriff Steven White named Pinkusiewicz as their “primary” suspect.

“A lot of people thought the sheriff found the guy that did it,” Dog said. “He is not saying that. We are saying that we got a lot of people saying that are referring to one other person. Three different people are saying the same guy.”

But Friday, the sheriff maintained that Pinkusiewicz is their guy. They just need to wrap up the case before calling him the killer.

In a conversation with ABC4 he said the following:
Sheriff Steven White: “I do believe we’re on the right track with Adam.”
Marcos Ortiz: “You believe he’s the killer?”
Sheriff: “Well, I can believe he’s our primary suspect right now, yeah.”
Marcos Ortiz: “But you won’t say he’s the killer?”
Sheriff: “Not until I get all the facts in place.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter said Pinkusiewicz isn’t capable of murder based on his sources.

“One girl that worked with him said he would never do this,” the dog said. “He would never kill anyone. Now the other guy that was suspected people are saying ‘oh yes, he would kill them.'”

But Crystal Turner’s cousin claimed Pinkusiewicz and Crystal worked at the same place and got into a skirmish and that Pinkusiewicz was homophobic.

While the women were camping they called a friend complaining of a “creepy” man who was bothering them.

The bounty hunter said Pinkusiewicz was known to the women.

“So the creepy man thing is out the window,” he said. “(Be)cause she would have said ‘it’s Adam.’ The guy that we, the leads are pointing to, Crystal did not know. And I don’t want to label him a creepy man but if I was to label a creepy man the way this guy looks, I would say him.”

“If Dog has other information I wish he would bring it to us so we can see if it’s people we’ve already talked to about,” the sheriff said. “This could be a situation that we’ve already talked to these people, but we don’t know about if he doesn’t bring it forward to us.”

Schulte’s father admitted he was caught up in the moment Wednesday when he was captured hugging his private investigator.

But days later, he wants proof.

“I’m elated, I’m happy,” Sean Paul Schulte said. “I hope it’s him but until I see facts, until I see evidence, until I have proof, it’s just word of mouth and he’s still just a suspect to me.”

The bounty hunter said once his investigation wraps up, he’ll turn it over to the sheriff.

Meanwhile, the sheriff said the investigation is ongoing and they are now looking for any blood evidence in Pinkusiewicz’s vehicle. It’s their hope that DNA evidence can be found in the vehicle.