SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Jeffrey McCall got a call in 2016 from his former wife.

It was a call that would change both their lives forever. Their child had been killed.

“Once she told me, I didn’t want to believe that it was true,” McCall said. “I wanted all that to be a joke or something.”

But it was true. Their 22-month-old toddler died at the hospital. On October 16, 2016 Roy police responded to a 911 call. They found baby Genesis unconscious and rushed her to the hospital where she later died. She had been beaten and strangled.

The biological mother, Xiana Lee and her boyfriend Jordan Sasaki, blamed each other.

“I wasn’t there so I didn’t know who to believe,” he said. “Her or what he was saying. It was tough.”

And it was difficult for police to learn the truth. It became a cold case.

But then, the Utah Cold Case Coalition stepped in after receiving a call from Sasaki’s former wife and also an ex-girlfriend.

“Once we started hearing the stories from the suspect’s ex’s that he was submitting certain details that are guilty conscious information, only the killer would know these things,” said Jason Jensen, an investigator with the coalition.

The coalition turned over their file on Sasaki to detectives who may have also been on his trail. Wednesday, Sasaki was arrested and booked into the Weber County jail.

“I’m happy and I appreciate all their work, the detectives and the people who were involved,” McCall said.

Roy Police sent out the information of the arrest on their Facebook page, but they couldn’t be reached for a comment.

Jensen said the arrest brings possible closure for Genesis’ parents.

“We’re excited because we know that justice is coming for genesis,” he said. “We know this is the suspect. But he is innocent until proven guilty but we feel that is what the outcome will be.”

Baby genesis would now be nearly eight-years-old. Her father misses her smile, love and laughter.
“She was a happy baby growing up,” he said. “She was very attached to us.”

But he’s at peace knowing someone will soon have to pay for his daughter’s death.

“Now, I can have some type of closure knowing that this guys not out there,” McCall said. “He’s not going to be hurting anyone else.”

Sasaki remains in the Weber County jail. He was booked for aggravated murder and obstruction of justice but the county attorney has not officially filed charges.