UPDATE 1/31/2020 – Creed Lujan was charged in 3rd District Court on Friday:

Charge 1 – AGGRAVATED KIDNAPPING – 1st Degree Felony

Charge 2 –  RAPE – 1st Degree Felony

Charge 3 – FORCIBLE SODOMY – 1st Degree Felony

Charge 4 – AGGRAVATED ROBBERY – 1st Degree Felony 

Charge 5 – SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF A MINOR – 2nd Degree Felony

Charge 6 – SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF A MINOR – 2nd Degree Felony 

Charge 7 – SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF A MINOR – 2nd Degree Felony

Charge 8 – OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE – 2nd Degree Felony 

Charge 9 – OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE – 2nd Degree Felony 

Charge 10 – OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE – 2nd Degree felony

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Creed Lujan violated his parole but it wasn’t serious enough to send him back to prison.

Monday, Lujan was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping a high school student.

But Lujan is on lifetime parole for 2008 felony aggravated attempted murder. He was paroled in 2015.

It was during his parole hearings that offered possible insight into his most recent crime.

“I am very ready to quit,” Lujan told his hearing officer in 2014. “I am very submitted to my sobriety.”

The hearing was for the 2008 case where he nearly killed a housekeeper at a West Valley hotel where he was staying.

“There’s a lot of things I do not recall that day,” he said. “I don’t know what caused me to do that to an innocent person.”

He told the hearing officer that he had taken several Xanax and mixed it with alcohol. He said his plan was to commit suicide.

“I pretty much destroyed my career with the U.S. postal service,” he said in 2014. “As an addict, I pretty much lied to my parents, my family. I was pretty much in a downhill spiral.”

His fall stemmed not only from losing his job but women that left him according to the hearing officer who read his history.

“(The) first major problem was the breakup of your first girlfriend, kind of lost it for a while,” he said. “(You) lost your second girlfriend and that seemed to be what set all the wheels in motion to the suicide attempt.”

Lujan served seven years in prison and was placed on lifetime parole in January 2015.

In November, he pleaded guilty to impaired driving, a possible violation of those conditions and technically could be brought back to prison.

But Adult Probation and Parole was aware of the incident and saw it differently. He wasn’t returned to prison.

In a statement from a spokesperson with the Utah Department of Corrections, it was explained this way:

“Mr. Lujan’s supervising agent did prepare a report but did not suggest any action from the board due to the pending charges and their respective level. Mr. Lujan was being supervised according to standards and was compliant as far as employment, residence, treatment, and supervision having met at his home with his agent as recently as January 8. As with other critical incidents, we will be conducting a more in-depth review of supervision history and our actions.”

But Lujan is now back in prison following his arrest for the kidnapping of the student.

The case involves drugs, sex, and pornography. It’s something Lujan swore during his parole hearing that he wouldn’t do again.

“Being sentenced to prison is probably what saved my life,” he said at the time. “I’m 100% committed to my sobriety.”

But it appears that promise was shortlived. The district attorney is still reviewing this latest case and is expected to file felony charges against Lujan possibly by Friday.