APRIL 04/07: Monday in public meeting, the Summit County Board of Health supported aligning the expiration date of all three existing Health Orders related to COVID-19 with the expiration date of May 1, which was established in the Joint Public Health Order 2020-03 (the “Stay-at-Home Order). The Public Health Emergency Order signed on March 12 was also extended to May 1. Aside from the expiration date, no changes were made to any Order.

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – The Summit County Council, County Manager, and Health Director, in collaboration with the Summit County Board of Health and Mayors of the Cities and Towns of Summit County issued a “stay at home” order for residents Wednesday.

According to county officials, the order requires all residents to stay at home and cease non-essential travel and operations until at least May 1. The order goes into effect Friday, March 27 at 12:01 a.m. and applies to all non-essential businesses, services, and visitors in addition to residents.

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“This decision was not made lightly but is in the best interest of public health in Summit County,” Summit County Health Director, Dr. Rich Bullough, said. “When you look at the data, Summit County is a hotspot for COVID-19 statewide, nationally and globally. At this time, Summit County has 20-times the number of cases per capita as Salt Lake County.  Our cases per capita rival those of the worst areas of New York City and many parts of Italy.”

As part of the order, county officials are asking all visitors in Summit County to leave as safely and quickly as possible. Visitors planning future trips are asked not to visit Summit County for the duration of this order and home-owners who are not currently residing in the county are also asked to avoid the county, officials say.

“The County Council asks all residents to comply with this order to the fullest,” Summit County Council Chair, Doug Clyde, said. “You are the front line in this fight against COVID-19. We expect our hospitals to reach capacity and need the cooperation of every resident to ensure we do not overwhelm our local healthcare system. The actions of individuals will determine the course of this virus in our community.”

County officials say under the order, county residents will be able to visit grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies for essential items such as food and medication. Residents may also attend necessary or urgent medical appointments. “Residents are not barred from going outside but must practice social-distancing when visiting trails or other outdoor recreation areas. If social-distancing is not possible in these areas, they should be avoided,” county officials say.

Essential services that will still be allowed to operate include the following:

  • Essential healthcare facilities
  • Banks
  • Hardware stores
  • Plumbers, electricians, auto repair and other essential utilities and services.
  • Farming
  • Post offices
  • Grocery and convenience stores
  • Restaurants whose services are allowed under existing Health Orders
  • Essential transportation services

“Our county government is working to support essential services and the COVID-19 response in our community while complying with these Orders,” County Manager, Tom Fisher, said. “These Orders are a necessary step to protect our population now and in the future.”

This Order is enacted until May 1 but will be reviewed after 14 days. Officials say the stay at home order could be ended, extended or modified.

A press release from Summit County released the following:

“This Order adds to previous mandates that went into effect on March 15 and March 23. Violations are punishable as a Class B Misdemeanor in Summit County. Businesses, employees and members of the general public who have questions or concerns about compliance are encouraged to call the Summit County Community Concerns Line at 435-333-0050.”

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