SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)– The Capitol City could be the next to implement a stay at home order. Mayor Mendenhall says he is working in coordination with the state and the Mayor of Salt Lake County on a statewide order.

If that doesn’t pass Mayor Mendenhall says Salt Lake City can act separate from the state. Like Summit County, Friday was the first day of its stay at home order and businesses are concerned this could hurt them even more. 

“An empty dining room,” said 5Seeds General Manager Gabriel Chaparro sad. 

There was no breakfast rush, dining room empty and hardly any to-go orders. 

“A little bit of a panic,” Chaparro said. 

5Seeds has been operating to-go and curbside orders for a couple of weeks now. 

“It might make it harder for businesses like us to do our jobs,” Chaparro said.

Summit County’s stay at home order means folks can still leave the house for the essentials like grocery shopping, restaurants, the post office, and healthcare.  

But Chaparro is very worried that business will take more of a hit than before. 

“If it scares people to stay in the house more than,” Chaparro said. “It’s a skeleton crew right now just me the chef someone making coffee and a couple of people making smoothies and running out food.”

New numbers from the Department of Workforce Services show 37% of recent unemployment insurance claims come from the food and beverage service industry. 

Chaparro hopes his employee won’t add to that number.

 “The people care about our business and they love our food and they want to keep some sort of normalcy in their life,” Chaparro said.

 Again, 5Seeds is open for to-go orders and the team says it is taking added measures to not spread germs.  

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