SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A Salt Lake City IT consulting firm is looking to add autistic individuals to their growing team.

The company, Auticon, is a global IT consulting firm that opened their newest office in SLC earlier this week and they’re looking for people on the spectrum to work as technology consultants.

According to the company, analytics and software development require thinking outside of the box, which is precisely the skill autistic individuals possess.

85% of autistic adults are unemployed or under-employed despite being highly qualified, which the company says they’re trying to change.

Auticon reports about two-thirds of their current employee roster fall on the autism spectrum and says having a neurodiverse workforce lends the company a fresh perspective.

The unique cognitive skills of those on the spectrum provide excellent talent in logic, detail and pattern recognition, as well as exceptional skills in the fields of IT, mathematics, physics, and technology, according to Auticon.

“What is previously being seen as a barrier to employment and typically what has ruled people out through the traditional interview process — if you pull those challenges through, they actually become strengths,” says David Aspinall, CEO of Auticon.

Jobs the company is actively hiring for include roles in software development, data analytics, quality assurance, and coding. Autistic employees are supported by job coaches and project managers, and typically only need about a year of experience, the company says.

“Building neurodiverse and inclusive work environments is not only the right thing for Salt Lake businesses, but also a highly strategic move for companies wanting the innovative thinking and focus that comes with integrating our autistic consultants into their teams,” says Aspinall.

The company says its focus is to help those on the spectrum find satisfying, lifelong careers in technology.

“Autism is not a processing error, it’s just another operating system,” says Auticon.