SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – A group of protestors showed up at the Salt Lake City residence of  State Epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn Thursday morning.

While the demonstration was peaceful, some are questioning if it was appropriate especially with another one planned for Thursday evening.

A dozen people, some carrying American flags, and none wearing masks, stood in front of Dr. Dunn’s home after a flyer circulated on Facebook. One commenter said “This is EXACTLY WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN EVERY STATE AND EVERY COUNTY!! Take the fight to these job recking economy busting TYRANTS HOMES! Hold their feet to the fire so they know WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!”

Dr. Dunn responded during a news conference later Thursday.

“It’s scary and wrong that someone would feel comfortable sharing my personal information,” Dr. Dunn said. “It’s taken a really big toll on my family and myself and they’re supposed to be there again tonight. I think it’s really unfortunate that we live in a state where people feel that it is OK to harass civil servants. It’s wrong.”

Governor Gary Herbert agreed.

“Protesting at Dr. Dunn’s home is probably not the best use of their time,” Gov. Herbert said. “We’ve had protests at the Governor’s Mansion, here at the Capitol, at my home, my own personal residence and really I don’t know if it’s making anything different or better.”

Meanwhile, neighbors were furious, especially because the flyer lists another protest scheduled there from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday evening.

“They’re in front of somebody’s house with the stated purpose to intimidate,” one concerned neighbor told ABC4 News. “We’ve already seen public officials across the U.S. being threatened regardless of their political views. We have kidnapping plots taking place. This is a matter of national security.”

“It makes me nervous,” another neighbor said. “How much more is it going to take to get a hundred people here? 200 people and then what? Then at some point, somebody goes over the line and does something bad so I just think these things got to come to a stop.”