Salt Lake Bees will be ready when baseball season begins

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Opening Day was scheduled for April 9th

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Sports) – Baseball may look different this summer, but the Bees are hoping there is a season, and that they can play a part in bringing the community together again.

The weather is finally look and feeling like spring.But it doesn’t really feel like spring, because there is not baseball going on. The Salt Lake Bees season was suppose to start on April 9th, but they’re hoping there will be baseball this year.   

“We’re very hopeful, its just doesn’t feel right not having baseball games.”

Those are the words of Salt Lake Bees general manager Marc Amicone, who, like baseball fans everywhere, is anxious for the game to return. But when it does start up, it will have a different feel. They may have to alter the way fans come in to the ball park, or seat them every other row. Or maybe play with no fans, although Amicone thinks it won’t come to that.

“For us to play in stadiums without fans does not make as much sense as it does at the major league level,” Amicone said. “They would still have to televise everything, but in our case we are really hopeful that our players to come here and play with fans in attendance. One of the nice things about baseball is we’re outdoors so the venue seems to all of us that we’re in a little bit more of a safe situation being outdoors.”

If and when they do start up again, the players would need about three weeks to get go. And Amicone says the Bees are doing what they need to do now to be ready.

“We would be able to be ready fairly quickly, again, some things depend on how many we could let in the ballpark, how are we serving food?” Amicone said. “More grab-and-go situations? So, there are a lot of moving parts.”

To that end, they are still mowing the grass at the ballpark, and planning for different scenarios. The minor league season would be cut down, to maybe around 70 to 90 games. But even that would push the end of the season way back.

“We’ve heard the major leagues scenario that they may be playing into November or maybe even December,” Amicone said. “One thing they have an advantage is they can do the playoffs in a warm-weather climates or even domed stadiums, just have to move the sites, but I think we could look at perhaps playing into September or even October if we needed to get a number of games.”

Overall, Amicone just hopes baseball can help bring the nation back together, like it has so many times in the past.

“One of the things that baseball has done over the years, throughout the history of major leagues and especially the minor league baseball is that its been able to be a great healing process,” Amicone said. “We see ourselves at not just being a baseball game but as a wonderful place for the community to gather again and say you know what, we’re good to go now, everything is great moving forward and it may look a little different but we’re ready to open the ballpark and we’re ready to get people back and enjoying moving ahead.”

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