SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The University of Utah is investigating reports of several racist incidents and possible hate crimes that recently occurred on campus. This fall, there were reports of Ku Klux Klan activity on campus, as well as of a brown substance reported to be feces smeared on the door of a Black student. The University is currently reviewing the allegations and will release a public statement soon.

The incidents have recently received attention due to a widely circulated Instagram post reading “University of Utah students walked through residence halls in KKK uniforms and smeared poop on a Black student’s door. Why hasn’t anyone done anything?”

In the post’s comments, students are voicing concerns for their safety on campus, as well as disappointment at the University’s perceived lack of action on the serious matter.

The University is currently reviewing another racist incident, which allegedly occurred earlier this month. According to the University of Utah’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion office’s One U Thriving website a student’s car was defaced with racial slurs written in dust on the windows of the car. The student who owns the car does not identify as Black, so the University does not believe the vandalism was targeted at them.

Another reported hate crime occurred on the University campus back in November. According to school officials, a delivery was being made at a campus residence hall by a university contractor when two students yelled the n-word and threw sunflower seeds and coffee pods at the delivery person. has reached out to University of Utah students and staff and is awaiting comment.

More updates will be provided as they are available.