Provo K9 retires after 8 years of service

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Provo K9 is retiring after having a highly successful career and serving the city for eight years.

Police in Provo said K-9 Trigger retired Thursday and had spent the last five years as a partner to Officer Brough.

During the last several years, Officer Brough and Trigger have been involved in over 80 – 100 presentations such as citizen academy’s preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, youth homes, scout groups/youth groups, and they have also done them at the MTC for BYU security.

Trigger’s career includes being deployed over 400 times on drug sniffs and is accredited with over 140 finds.

Trigger has been close to 90% on real-world deployments where they have admitted to drugs being in the car recently and they just missed it.

“Overall, Trigger has been a true asset to our department and his K-9 lean will be missed!”


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