Process to change Dixie State University’s name in motion

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ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – Dixie State University is beginning a name recommendation process, and they’re asking for the public’s input. This comes after new directives from the state legislature.

A new committee of 19 members was just approved. They will be responsible for recommending a name for the university and eventually send out a survey to residents for their input.

In a meeting today, Dixie State University’s Board of Trustees put together a committee to provide public input and make a formal name recommendation to the board. The goal is to align with House Bill 278, known as the “Name Change Process for Dixie State University.”

“They gave some specific instructions to us on how we’re supposed to proceed with the potential name change, so the first thing we were supposed to do was select a committee,” says Tiffany Wilson the Vice Chair of Board of Trustees for Dixie State University.

The Name Recommendation Committee includes students, staff from the university, community members and industry leaders.

“We also had a chance to walk in and speak with the state board of education who was having meetings on campus and that was part of the process as well, to have a consultation with them,” says Wilson.

University leaders say the group of 19 will begin working Monday. It will also work with a third party to seek suggestions from Utanhs through an open survey and conduct focus groups.

“When the house bill was passed, they included a provision that if we do not have Dixie in the name, they are allotting 500,000 dollars to create a heritage fund,” says Wilson.

Tiffany Wilson says the institution still wants to preserve the heritage that comes with the university’s name.

“I love and honor my Dixie heritage, and I also believe it’s time for the name of the university to change, those things are able to happen at the same time and I hope our community can learn to embrace those ideas together,” says Wilson.

The recommendation will be reviewed by the board of trustees, then go to the Utah Board of Higher Education.

If the board approved the committee’s name recommendation, according to HB 278, it will vote whether or not to recommend the name to the Utah Legislative Management Committee by November 1.

For information on how to get involved click here.

To provide feedback on the process you can email

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