NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4) — A man is recovering in the hospital after being taken into custody following a two-hour SWAT standoff in North Salt Lake.

Police said a man barricaded himself inside his vehicle on Center St. bridge over Legacy Parkway in North Salt Lake.

This all started because the man, identified as Michael Looser, 37, was driving erratically, had his windows spray painted and an American flag covering was his license plate.

All that remains at the scene is broken glass and a few rubber bullets.

“We are approaching him,” said SWAT negotiators. “We cannot see him from where we are at. I don’t know if he is armed right now.”

“The suspect was non compliant and refused to talk to officers,” said North Salt Lake Police Sgt. Gwilliam, “He was being very aggressive, had a metal rod in his hand that he was using swinging around in a threatening manner.”

After swat negotiations failed, officers used non-lethal weapons like flash grenades and rubber bullets to get Looser out of his car. 

ABC4 spoke to a witness who said she was surprised to see this standoff end peacefully.

“I personally did not have hope things would end well for the suspect,” said Lindsey Eaton. “I would not have been surprised if he didn’t make it out alive. So that was actually nice to see they were able to apprehend him safely.”

Eaton recorded the whole thing on Facebook and said she was in the area because she was dropping her daughter off at school.

She said her curiosity peaked when she saw several police officers, SWAT and the bomb squad pull up.

“They’re yelling at him,” said Eaton in her Facebook live video.

The suspect ran from police, jumped the bridge and tumbled down to the grassy area next to Legacy Parkway.

“He was apprehended just north of where you can see that pile of garbage thats been left on the side of the road there,” said Sgt. Gwilliam.

Police say Looser could have been having a mental health episode and that law enforcement is familiar with him.

The bridge was closed from when it happened around 11 in the morning to when it ended around 1:30 in the afternoon.

The bomb squad was called because Looser told police he had a bomb. There was no bomb present but police say he had a broken double-barreled shotgun in his car.