Police: Provo man arrested for attempted murder in brutal attack on 17-year-old runaway

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – A 19-year-old man was arrested Thursday for attempted murder after police say he brutally assaulted a 17-year-old runaway he had been harboring.

According to documents, police were called by a neighbor to a home in Provo on a report of a domestic violence where he had taken a girl into his home who had been assaulted.

The girl told police she had been living with Andrew Rice for about 6 months. She said he became intoxicated and then got angry at her, documents state.

The girl said she went upstairs in the kitchen and Rice began grabbing at her and throwing her around the kitchen. She said she attempted running out the back door to get away but he grabbed onto her to prevent her from leaving, according to documents.

The girl said she was able to punch him and break free so she tried to run to the backyard and attempted to jump the fence but Rice followed her and grabbed her, pulling her down and back into the yard where he began hitting her, documents state.

The woman said she broke free again and ran through the house and out the other door while Rice followed her saying “I’m going to kill you,” according to arresting documents.

She said Rice shoved her down the stairs and she landed on the floor and lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, Rice began attacking her again and grabbed her by the throat with one hand and began choking her, again telling her he was going to kill her, she then lost consciousness again, documents state.

According to documents, when she came to, she was able to fight Rice off, run up the stairs and out the front door where she began screaming. A neighbor heard her yelling, took her inside his home, and called police.

The girl said at some point, she kicked Rice in the face to get him off of her as she was fighting back, documents state.

Police stated in the documents they saw visible marks on the girl’s neck consistent with being choked, blood all over her face and shirt, a large lump on her right forearm, a bite mark on her and multiple scratches and bruises.

When officers went to Rice’s home, no one answered. Police attempted to enter, but the door was blocked by Rice, who was unconscious. Police said Rice’s face was covered in blood, documents state.

Medics were called to to clear him of injury and he was then taken into custody as officers searched the home. Inside the home, officers found large amounts of drug paraphernalia, along side firearms and other weapons, documents state.

Police said they also found blood smears down the wall next to the stairs, blood spatters on the front door, a pool and smear of blood on the concrete floor downstairs outside of Rice’s room, and blood on the bed sheets in Rice’s room. Police stated the blinds to the back door that led into the backyard where tangled up and appeared to be broken, according to arresting documents.

During an interview with police Rice was “extremely intoxicated” and kept saying, “I just love her too much” when I asked him what had happened. Rice admitted he hurt the girl and kept making a finger gun and gun noises while pointing his fingers at his head saying he just wanted to die, documents state.

Rice would not disclose any details on what had happened other than telling police he had hurt her and he didn’t remember what had happened, documents state.

Rice was evaluated at the hospital where it was noted in the documents he had a BAC of .162.

Officers said he then spit on an off duty AP&P agent and as officers placed him inside the patrol car, he kept bashing his head on the window and the bars and continued to resisted arrest, documents state.

Rice was transported to the Utah County Jail and booked on charges of attempted homicide, kidnapping, domestic violence assault, propelling a bodily substance, interference with an arresting officer, possession of a weapon by a category II restricted person, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, unlawful purchase, possession, consumption by minor, furnishing alcohol to a minor and harboring a runaway.

Police said the victim in this case was listed as a runaway in NCIC.

Domestic Violence: 

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