SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A 19-year-old man has been arrested after a year-long investigation discovered a large scale drug operation he was running.

According to arresting documents, N’twydamal Cook was under investigation for about 13 months. During that time, detectives used a fake social media account to connect with Cook’s multiple Snapchats.

Detectives said Cook used the various Snapchat accounts and the US Postal Service to illegally sell large amounts of marijuana, dabs, THC cartridges, THC edibles, cocaine, acid, ecstasy, and fraudulent driver’s licenses in the Salt Lake Valley and the United States.

The detective investigating Cook said his public posts openly advertised the illegal sale of the narcotics and fraudulent driver’s licenses from various states, documents state.

The detective also conducted a controlled buy with the help of USPS postal inspectors who intercepted multiple packages containing illegal drugs.

Detectives stated at least five other ‘members’ were functioning as employees under Cook’s management and he would arrange large shipments of various narcotics to Utah and then arrange their distribution throughout the valley and nation.

A search was conducted of Cook’s apartment on Aug 31 where detectives found dozens of THC cartridges, marijuana, LSD, a bottle of Oxycodone, 2 bags of mushrooms, a bag of a white crystal substance, a bag of a red substance, THC edibles, over $11,000 in cash, 2 AR-15 assault rifles, 1 loaded Smith and Wesson handgun, ammunition, a money counting machine, and large amounts of postal boxes, according to documents.

Search warrants show Cook paid and received thousands of dollars back and forth from his customers, or employees, documents state.

During an interview with detectives, Cook admitted to running the Snapchat accounts and using them to sell the narcotics and fraudulent identifications. Cook said he works with California suspects and he is in charge of the Utah drug sales for the organization. Cook admitted the 2 AR-15 rifles were his and use them for protection because he had been robbed in the past, documents further stated.

Detectives also noted they discovered a juvenile suspect working for Cook. The juvenile was advertising the same products Cook on his own Snapchat and had moved into Cook’s apartment.

The juvenile was found in possession of numerous narcotics inside Cook’s apartment, documents state.

Cook was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on one count first-degree felony engage in continued criminal enterprise, second-degree felony distribution of a controlled substance (4 counts), third-degree felony forgery and one misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment.

Booking records indicate the detective believes Cook is a substantial danger to any other person or to the community, or is likely to flee the jurisdiction of the court. He said Cook has a felony warrant for fleeing and is also a suspect in numerous felony cases throughout the valley.

Documents state:

“The suspect is part of a well-organized criminal entity with large amounts of currency available to him,” documents stated. “He also has close connections with individuals capable of producing false driver’s licenses, social security cards, and passports. Cook was the local head or manager of a large scale drug operation and arranged shipments, payments, and conducted numerous business meetings with employees and business partners.”

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