Only on ABC4: Claims of medical negligence at the Utah State Prison

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DRAPER, Utah (ABC4 News): In the wake of a COVID-19 Outbreak, ABC4 is investigating different reports of inmates not receiving the medical care they need at the Utah State Prison in Draper.

Brenda Bourgeois’s son, Jace Zeeman, is an inmate at the prison. She says her son has gone ten months without receiving proper care, and now can barely walk.

“As a result of the neglect, my son got a staph infection,” said Bourgeois.

Documents provided to ABC4 show he hurt his right ankle on February 15th playing basketball.

This was at the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison before he was later moved to the Utah State Prison in Draper.

“They took him immediately to the doctor when he broke it to the Gunnison Hospital that’s when they knew it was broke,” said Bourgeois. “They knew it chipped, but they did nothing.”

In multiple recordings shared with ABC4, Bourgeois discusses her son’s care with prison officials.

“What’s going on with him,” an official can be heard asking Bourgeois in one recording over the phone. “He’s been seen right? How’s his foot?” Bourgeois responds, “still shattered. It’s not just broke, it’s shattered.”

In another audio recording, Bourgeois tells a prison official “it says right on here he needs a CT scan.” The prison official can be heard saying in response, “just because someone from the outside recommends something it doesn’t mean it needs to be done.”

ABC4 did reach out to the prison for comment. It’s Communications Director Kaitlin Felsted responded saying in part, “We do not share specific information regarding an inmate’s health status; however, I can say that his treatment has been appropriate.”

Throughout the process of investigating this report, Bourgeois told ABC4 she posted in an online prison message forum she was talking to ABC4. Within days, she says her son called her to say he went in for an MRI. The results are pending.

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