Nearly 30,000 passengers fly on worst travel day at SLC airport

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The day after Christmas is anticipated to be the worst travel day of the holiday season.

According to AAA, there was a 4.9% growth in people flying to their holiday destinations this year.

“We came expecting to see delays.” said Deepa Sarathy. “So far, it’s been okay.”

Deepa Sarathy is among the nearly 30,000 people expected at Salt Lake City International Airport on December 26th.

Sarathy is visiting from Texas. “We’re flying back to Houston today.”

For Christmas, Sarathy and her family spent the holiday in Park City.

“We’ve never seen snow in Houston,” said Sarathy. “My kids have not. They had a white Christmas.”

Now that it’s over, airport officials want to make sure Sarathy and other travelers move through the airport with ease.

“There’s been some congestion we’re seeing curbside,” said Nancy Volmer, Spokesperson for Salt Lake City International Airport. “Right now, the security lines are a little bit slower.”

To help aide with congestion and delays, the airport recommends travelers check out is app.

It can be accessed through the airport’s website which also includes the terminal’s estimated wait times.

“If you are traveling outside of the airport here in Salt Lake City you might not be delayed, but you could be delayed at another airport,” said Volmer. “So, it’s always a good idea to check with the airline to make sure your flight isn’t delayed, or you can go to FlightAware. They track flights throughout the country.”

This is the last holiday travel season before the airport expansion opens in September of next year.

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