‘My dog’s shot’: Intense police video shows deadly shootout that wounded Roy PD K-9

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ROY (ABC4 News) – The Roy Police Department released a dramatic and intense body camera video Thursday of a shootout in Clinton that left a man dead and a police dog wounded. The whole thing started with a partially obscured license plate.

It was two minutes before 2 a.m. on August 8 when a Roy Police Officer pulled over a Gray Volkswagen Passat. Inside was the driver 21-year-old Aaron Griffin from Plain City and his passenger 49-year-old Brian Cregg from Ogden.

“Why do you got paper covering up your license plate?” the Roy PD officer can be heard asking Griffin on the video.

“I was playing a joke on my sister so I covered it up and I just didn’t take it off,” Griffin replied.
Cregg, who had a warrant for violating parole, gave the officer a fake name, Bryan James.

The officer let the pair go with a warning but couldn’t find any record of Bryan James and pulled them over again minutes later to get more information. After a brief exchange, this time Griffin hit the gas and took off, eventually pulling into a field in Clinton before getting his car stuck on a pipe. Another Roy PD K-9 officer and his dog Mik arrived within seconds and Griffin ran.

“Stop I will send the dog he will bite you! He will bite you. Stop!,” the officer yells. Griffin fires a handgun at them, wounding Mik in the face, and the officer fires at Griffin six times.

“Start medical. My dog has been shot. Good boy. Come here. It’s OK. Good boy,” the officer is recorded saying. “I’m good. My dog’s shot.”

As he’s tending to Mik, three more Roy PD officers race into the field where Griffin fired at them. One officer hit him with his vehicle then the three officers got out to look for Griffin in the thick vegetation.

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“The officers found Aaron and as they started ordering him to show his hands, he pointed his firearm at them,” Roy PD Officer Joshua Taylor said. The officer fired numerous rounds at Griffin who was struck multiple times and died at the scene. 

The Davis County Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and ruled that the shooting was justified. Two police vehicles were struck by bullets but no human officers were injured. K-9 Mik underwent successful surgery for a bullet wound to his right cheek and stayed in a veterinary hospital for two days before they sent him home to recover. 

On Thursday a Roy police officer told ABC4 News that k-9 Mik is doing well with his recovery and they hope to have him back on duty in the near future.

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