SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – A family is desperate to find their sibling who may have vanished under suspicious circumstances.

Jamey Holyoak suddenly vanished last month in San Juan County.

“He was last seen on April 15th out in La Sal, walking down La Sal Road,” said his sister Kathy Randall. “And (he) has not been seen, heard of, nothing, like he just vanished.”

Holyoak is Randall’s younger brother.

Clinton Holyoak who also joined the interview with ABC4, is the youngest of the siblings. They all grew up in the Moab area.

She said Jamey is known to ride a bike or walk as he was doing on La Sal Road that day he disappeared.

“Somebody seen him and they stopped and asked him if he wanted a ride because he was walking down the road and he said ‘no,'” Randall said. “He was fine and that was it.”

In the last few years, the 47-year-old kept his distance from his family. His sister said drugs got the best of him.

“He’s been involved in drugs, pretty heavy for the last five years,” she said.

But this latest disappearance is not like him according to his brother.

“It’s not like Jamey to disappear and not reappear eventually,” said Clinton Holyoak. “He would do that for a week or two and then all of a sudden he’d just show back up.”

They found his hat during a recent search on Meadow Lane in La Sal. His brother said Jamey lived in the area.

“It’s pretty much squatters (who live there),” he said. “They just decided to live there and pull their campers over there.”

Randall said they’ve gone door to door and asked people in La Sal if they’ve seen him. But no one claimed to have seen him.

Recently, volunteers and a Florida-based investigative team helped search the area known as Ft. Douglas.

The team was originally in the area to join Dog the Bounty Hunter and Jason Jensen, a private investigator in an effort to solve the double murders of two women in Moab.

But after receiving numerous tips on the Holyoak disappearance, the team joined others to search for Holyoak. Unfortunately, those tips didn’t sound promising.

“They’re leaning to the fact that he’s dead,” said Amanda Reece with Prison Break Investigations. “Unfortunately and that there’s been foul play.”

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office sent out a missing person’s poster of Holyoak. A $1,000 reward has also been attached to the flyer.

Meanwhile, Holyoak’s brother and sister are also coming to the same conclusion as the investigators.

“I think he was murdered,” said Randall. “(That’s) what I think. That one of these guys took him out.”