OGDEN Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Shane Strong left a family outing and headed home.

That was last November and he has never been seen since. He is now listed as missing in Utah.

“The last time he was seen was about November 17 and it was with me and two of my uncles,” recalled his son, Shane Strong Jr. “We were barbecuing chicken, having conversation hanging out and he left and I never seen him again.”

One of the last moments Justice Strong had with her father was at a restaurant, celebrating her birthday.

“It wasn’t the last time I seen him but it was one of the last times that we had a dinner together and like got to talk,” his daughter said.

Last November, Strong got into his 1977 orange Chevrolet Impala and drove from 37th Street in South Ogden to a place where he was staying in Ogden.

“That’s what’s concerning me,” his son said. “Everybody knows him because of that car and no one can find the car.”

The elder Strong grew up in Ogden. His family is also a fixture in the city. They’ve done personal searches on the streets, in homeless shelters, jails and mental health facilities. But there’s been no sign of him.

Their father did send a letter to his mother and said he was leaving to get help for his drug addiction.

“That letter didn’t make any sense,” said Strong Jr. “My father, he had his problems, but he loved his kids. He always called us, no matter what he was doing.”

But not this time. That’s why they’ve filed a missing persons report with Ogden police. The family’s been unhappy with their effort.

They’ve also turned to social media for help. There are pictures of their father and his orange car. People responded with possible sightings but they’ve turned out to be false.

“I’ve gone to these places, the places he told me he loved to go to,” said his son. “(There’s) no car, no sign of my father.”

Growing up, Justice and Shane Jr. have seen their dad go in and out of their lives. Recently fences were mended and all is forgiven. But now, he’s gone again. This time, they’re not sure if he’ll ever return.

“(I miss) his laugh, he’d always try to make me laugh,” said Justice Strong. “The talks he’d give me, he’d give me some religious talk and I’d just roll my eyes. But I’d give anything to talk to him (again).”

Anyone with information can contact Ogden police or the Strong family on Facebook