Officials calling Mansion fire in Holladay contained

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HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – It’s been a whirlwind for one Holladay family who are watching firefighters put out a fire in their home.

The fire started in a 25,000 square foot mansion located at 6085 South Tolcate Wood Lane near the 6200 South exit ramp of I-215’s west belt.

“With the amount of devastating damage that’s been done to the building, more of the investigatory stuff has already been destroyed I think,” says Matthew McFarland with Unified Fire Authority.

Investigators will have to rely on forensic evidence and the initial firefighters who made it into the three-story home.

“So they got to see a fair portion of the interior before we had to pull out because of safety concerns and during that time they were able to see two different floors,” McFarland adds.

Investigators are calling the house fire a total loss.

Courtesy of Unified Fire Authority

“Our investigators have no other reason to believe it’s anything other than accidental at this point and time,” he says.

The homeowners are now living in an RV saved before the fire consumed the families 8,000 square foot garage.

“They suffered a huge loss and have gone through a wave of emotions. They have been super supportive of us,” says McFarland.

Courtesy of Unified Fire Authority

Investigators say no one was inside the home when the fire started around 8 p.m. Saturday. They believe it was burning for sometime before firefighters arrived.

The home was built and grandfathered into a building code that predates sprinklers.

Courtesy of Unified Fire Authority

Now the owners themselves will help firefighters turn their home into rubble.

“The homeowners arranged for a crane to come in and some other heavy equipment to come in and some other heavy equipment I believe, and they are just going to start the process of dismantling what is left of the skeletal remains so to speak of the structure,” he adds.

Once the structure comes down, firefighters will sift through the rubble to make sure all of the hotspots are out.

As of Monday evening, firefighters said the fire was contained.

A crane was brought in to push the walls and anything unstable in an attempt to let the fire burn itself out, according to fire officials.

Fire crews say they will remain on scene through the night and are hoping the fire will burn itself out.

Fire officials are yet to determine a dollar amount for the damage caused by the fire.

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