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Man on meth causes dozens of near-collisions in St. George

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ST GEORGE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A man is in police custody after causing dozens of near-collisions in St. George Monday afternoon.

St. George Police say that on Monday afternoon they were dispatched to a Village Inn restaurant at 29 North River Road with reports of two men screaming, throwing things, and swearing. Police say that the reporting party said the men appeared to be on drugs.

When police arrived on scene, they say they saw Raymond Dean Perry, 71, speed out of the parking lot cutting off multiple vehicles in both lanes of travel and almost causing multiple collisions. Police began to follow Perry through the streets of St. George where he made a U-turn into northbound traffic which caused two full lanes of drivers to slam on their brakes to avoid him. Perry eventually came to a stop in the through lanes at St. George Blvd.

Raymond Dean Perry

Police say that Perry began driving again and this time drove through oncoming traffic. Police continued to follow him with their lights and sirens on in an attempt to get him to stop. Perry then turned onto northbound I-15. Perry soon came to a stop when he realized that police were boxing him in on I-15.

Police say that Perry was extremely irate and was cursing and screaming when police made initial contact. Perry’s speech was slurred and he was unable to sit still. Police could smell a strong chemical odor coming from his breath and his eyes were watery and bloodshot.

Police then conducted several field sobriety tests on Perry. After the tests, Perry was then placed under arrest for DUI. After police obtained a search warrant, they found a large glass pipe and a measurable amount of burnt methamphetamine in a bowl.

Police later discovered that Perry’s drivers license had been suspended and his vehicle had no registration or insurance.

Perry was booked with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on offenses of reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, and possession of a controlled substance among other offenses.

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