MAGNA, Utah (ABC4) – A family is devastated after learning it was their own son who was killed in a shooting in Magna on Friday.

Authorities identified 20-year-old Fernando Ruesga Jr. as the victim. The suspect has yet to be arrested.
Ruesga Jr.’s father told ABC4 he was waiting for his son because they were going to sell the vehicle the 20-year-old was driving.

“That’s what I was doing, waiting for him,” said Fernando Ruesga. “He wasn’t answering my text messages or calls.”

Ruesga Jr. was dropping off his children at a Magna apartment. That’s when his father heard about a shooting on social media.

“They said there was a shooting, same area where he was, a 20-year old,” Ruesga said. “So I looked at the address.

He headed to the Magna area in search of his son but he had a bad feeling.

“By the guidance of God I felt really something wrong,” Ruesga said. “And I drove all the way back to where he … sensing where he was.”

He arrived at the apartment complex and noticed law enforcement was present. Unified Police had roped off the area where the shooting took place.

Then he saw the black car, a Dodge Charger. He tried getting closer but police kept him back.
He was later told that his son was still in the vehicle, dead.

“Very hard and terrible,” Ruesga noted. “Something I wouldn’t want to wish on nobody’s family or want any family to go through.”

They’re still not sure what caused the shooting. But a witness told ABC4 that the two were fighting and then parted ways. Ruesga returned to his car and the other man went to his.

“The suspect went back to the gray Mazeratti pulled out a gun and fired about, I heard about ten shots at the victim,” Jon Dorman said.

Fernando Ruesga Jr. left behind a young family, three children and another one on the way. His father said fortunately none of the children saw the shooting.

“He’s just a loving kid very happy always smiling, loved his children so much,” said his mother, Melanie Galindo.

And now they wait for justice.

“We believe in God, so we leave it all in God’s hands,” said the father. “So we’ll continue living day by day.

The Ruesga’s said Unified Police know who the suspect is but have not been able to find him.