SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Officers with the Salt Lake City Police Department found themselves in quite the conundrum Thursday.

We’ll let the Salt Lake City Fire Department explain what happened:

911 what’s your emergency?
“This is the police”
Yes sir, this is the police, what’s the nature of your emergency?
“No, this is the police”
Correct again sir, how can we help you?
“No, this is literally the police. We’re calling you from an elevator. We seem to have put too many humans onto this thrill ride and now we’re stuck!”
Sir, did I hear that right? You are stuck in the elevator and you need help getting out?
“That’s correct ma’am.”
Copy, what’s the address of the building?
“Uh…that’s the thing, see, it’s THIS building. The one you’re currently in ma’am.”
SIR, did I copy you’re stuck in the elevator of our own public safety building?
“Yes ma’am. And we need help getting out. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.”
Copy that sir, we are sending the fire department over to rescue you.
“Oh great, these jokes write themselves! I’ll bet they can’t wait to post this on social media!”

The fire department shared a video of the moment the elevator doors cracked open. Click here to watch it.

Even the heroes need heroes.

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