Local medics deploy to NYC as alternate care site announced

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Members of the Reserve 419th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base deployed to New York on Sunday.

“Being utilized in any way that can help not just the people of New York, but anywhere in the country it’s quite an honor to be selected,” said Jimmy Jones.

Jones is the chief nurse of the medical unit. “I anticipate whatever sort of differences I’m going to run into they’re going to have a protocol that I can follow that’s already in place,” he said.

Jones and members of his medical unit are ready to help overwhelmed medical staff in the Big Apple which is now the epicenter of the COVID19 pandemic in the United States.

“We’ll get our final tasks when we get there,” said Katherine Trout of the Reserve 419 Fighter Wing. “I’m pretty confident that who’s ever on the ground there has a plan to disperse people.”

While the 419th responds to President Donald Trump’s call, Utah officials are planning for local hospitals to be overwhelmed.

ABC4 was provided with pictures showing an inside look of the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy.

It will provide 250 beds as well as cribs and medical supplies in case they’re needed.

The Utah Division of Emergency Management tells ABC4 this is not a site for COVID19 patients.

It’s simply an overflow site for patients who need less-than-acute-care.

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