Legacy Parkway speed limit going up in January

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The latest push to save Legacy Parkway

Starting on January 1st the speed limit on Legacy Parkway will go up to 65 miles per hour.

In addition, semi-trucks, which have been banned on the road since 2008, will be allowed to use the highway.

Officials with the Utah Department of Transportation made the announcement Friday.

The changes come with the expiration of the negotiated Legacy Parkway agreement.

“The Agreement was a great thing because it allowed us to complete a roadway that has made a real difference in mobility in south Davis County,” UDOT Operations Director Rob Wight told Transportation Commissioners. “But the Agreement had a sunset date: Jan. 1, 2020. The only way that sunset could be extended is through legislative action, and the legislature has chosen not to extend it. So the Agreement expires Jan. 1.”

Since the agreement has expired, UDOT no longer has authority to keep semis off the road.

UDOT says a study found drivers already average between 65 and 75 miles per hour on the road.

“Legacy Parkway was designed to accommodate speeds higher than 55 miles per hour, so it is safe and comfortable to drive at 65,” Wight said. “We hope to eliminate the safety risk of speed discrepancy, which can happen when you have a significant difference between the speed most drivers are actually traveling and those who are driving the posted speed limit.” 

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