LAYTON, Utah (ABC4) — Officers with the Layton Police Department were involved in a shooting at the Layton Meadows Apartments early Wednesday morning that sent one man to the hospital in serious condition.

Layton Police Department Lt. Travis Lyman said the man came out onto the balcony with a rifle and allegedly antagonized police while they were responding to an unrelated domestic violence call.

Lyman said the man, who has been identified as Nathan Barker, 31, told officers on the scene he was “better equipped and better trained” than the Layton Police Department. Barker allegedly asked officers to shoot him. During the encounter, Lyman said Barker was waving his rifle around the courtyard, pointing it toward officers.

“Obviously, [that’s] a huge safety threat,” said Lt. Lyman. “So, we spent the next close to an hour trying to de-escalate him, trying to get him to put the rifle down.”

Layton Police issued a reverse 911 call, ordering residents to stay indoors during the altercation.

Barker was reportedly shot by a Deputy with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office as Layton SWAT arrived on scene and began setting up. Lyman said he was taken to the Davis Holy Cross Hospital in Layton before he was transferred to an undisclosed hospital in Salt Lake City. Barker was last reported to be in serious but stable condition.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

At this time, investigators do not know why Barker went out of his way to antagonize officers. Lyman said Barker had “nothing to do” with the domestic violence call officers were originally responding to. He allegedly came out on to his balcony as officers were leaving the scene.

“We actually had an encounter with this same man earlier in the evening that was friendly and again unrelated to something that we were at a [different] apartment complex,” said Lyman. The man reportedly went out of his way to say hi to the police. “We really don’t that prompted this later in the evening.”

The Davis County Critical Investigations Team is leading the investigation into the officer shooting.