Brighton, UT (ABC 4) – The most dedicated of the skiers rose bright and early Friday to beat the crowds at Brighton Resort. Skiers arrived hours before doors even opened.

“I was pressing all my friends like hey we’re waking up at 5, I’m making oatmeal I’m making coffee, we’re getting up the canyon,” says Justin Austin, a skier. “We were out the door at 6’ o’clock sharp, we brought sleeping bags and everything to sleep until the first chair went up.” 

This year was the fifth latest snowfall on record in Salt Lake City, with 259 days passing since the last snowfall.  A delay that was noticed by skiers.

“It used to be like, by end of October, it would be like, snowing the whole time until mid-march,” says Carl Werner, a friend of Austin’s.

But despite the slow start to the season, people had a full day of fun in the outdoors.

“It was good skiing, soft, still got that Utah Pow when it comes in,” says Werner.