‘It’s not political’: Navajo Nation sees decline in COVID-19 cases and deaths

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NAVAJO NATION (ABC4) — Almost all of the Navajo Nation has received its first-round dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

President Johnathan Nez said he is keeping the guidelines stricter so when the community opens fully, it is done so as safely as possible.

Nez called the Navajo Nation a bubble. He said that has helped the community battle COVID-19 better than Arizona, New Mexico, and here in Utah. 

Roughly 30 percent of the Navajo Nation has been fully vaccinated.

Nez told ABC4 COVID-19 did not become a political issue. He said the community has seen the mask as a statement about being a warrior using it as armor.

The Navajo Nation has opened businesses and churches 25 percent and schools are still online.

Last Monday there were no new cases of Covid-19 or deaths from Covid-19 in the community.

Nez said he is proud of how well the Navajo people have responded to the pandemic and strict guidelines. 

“I think our Navajo people are looking at the greater good here,” said Nez. “When you take the shot it is not just about yourself, it is about your family, protecting your community, and keeping the virus off our nation.”

More than 87 percent of the Navajo Nation has received its first round dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Nez said he is monitoring the downward trend of COVID-19 deaths and cases.

The Navajo Nation has been using a five-color system delegating what stage of COVID-19 it is in. The worst is purple, and the best is green. Nez the community will most likely move to the yellow stage, one step away from green in the coming weeks. 

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