WOODS CROSS, Utah (ABC4 News) – An intoxicated Utah woman called 911 to report she was following a drunk driver but it ended up being herself.

According to court documents, Breanna Dawn Hernandez called 911 and said she believed she was following an intoxicated driver but gave a description of herself to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher told police Hernandez sounded intoxicated, was burping, and laughing uncontrollably on the phone, documents state.

Responding officers located Hernandez in the driver’s seat of her vehicle and when she saw them, she exited the vehicle and ran away. Hernandez had to be restrained by officers who reported they could smell the odor of alcoholic coming from her, according to documents.

Documents state that due to the Hernandez ‘s level of intoxication, medical was called to assess her, however, she was uncooperative and had to be restrained and transported to Lakeview Hospital.

At the hospital, she continued to struggle with officers and staff and was subsequently sedated. A blood draw was taken of Hernandez after a search warrant was obtained.

During a search of Hernandez vehicle, an almost empty bottle of Fireball whiskey was located in the driver’s side cup holder, documents state.

When Hernandez woke up at Lakeview Hospital, she contacted dispatch and stated she was ready to go to jail and do her time. A medical clearance was received from the emergency room doctor and Hernandez was willingly transported to the county jail.

Hernandez was charged with misdemeanor DUI and was sentenced on Tuesday to 12 days in jail with credit for the 2 days she already served. She was fined $1260 and will be on probation for 12 months.

A background check on Hernandez shows misdemeanor arrested for drug possession, possession of burglary tools and criminal trespassing.

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