Heber family says their cat was tortured

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HEBER CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A Heber family is trying to figure out what happened to their cat, who escaped from the house and returned with a clipped ear and the stench of chemicals.

“It breaks my heart. It hurt my heart watching my cat be so sick,” said Lily Rosa.

Earlier this month, her Russian Blue purebred cat Taz got out of the house. She thought he was gone for good. But, about a week later, Taz showed up at the front door.

“He came in me-owing at us like crazy, but not himself also. Like, kind of sluggish,” said Rosa.

Then she noticed his right ear had been clipped and his fur was matted and reeked of chemicals.

“It was really hard watching him throw up and throw up,” said Rosa.

She says she contacted the Heber Valley Animal Shelter to file a report, and Rosa says she was told it wasn’t worth filing a police report because there isn’t much police can do. Heber Police told ABC4 Utah Monday night that anybody with concerns that their animal has been tortured should absolutely file a report.

After Rosa posted to Facebook, she received lots of feedback from people who pointed out that clipping a cat’s ear is usually the mark of a sterilized feral cat. But Rosa says she adopted Taz from a local group — he was already microchipped and fixed — and there would have been no need to clip his ear.

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