CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) — A Denver Broncos power meeting was held Monday night at a local favorite Mexican restaurant with the team’s brand-new head coach. 

The restaurant is called Los Dos Potrillos, and it means “the two colts,” which is interesting, as this family-owned Mexican eatery is known to be a favorite to a lot of Broncos.

“Von Miller, KJ Hamler, we got Peyton Manning, we got John Elway,” said Daniel and Luis Ramirez, brothers and managers of Los Dos Potrillos.

The Ramirez brothers are the two colts who run the family’s four restaurants. But it is at the original Los Dos Potrillos in Centennial where they say Denver Broncos history was made.

Manager Hernando Pineda took a call from Broncos GM George Paton: “OK, how can I help you? ‘Hey, Fernando, this is George Paton. Would you mind giving us a table for three at 6:30?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I sure can,” said Pineda.

And it was at the booth designated as table F9 where Broncos history took place.

“This is it. This is the spot. This is where the magic happens,” said Daniel.

Who sat there?

“Coach Hackett, George Paton and the top dog,” said Luis.

That top dog is the Director of Player Personnel Darren Mougey.

What exactly was said is only known to the three Broncos amigos, but one thing is certain, Nathaniel Hackett is now the Denver Broncos head coach. 

So, what did coach Hackett eat?

“Coach Hackett had our two homemade tamales, plain, and then our homemade rice and beans and our signature Cadillac margarita which is absolutely just to die for,” said Luis.

Coach Nathaniel Hackett can officially be known from here on out as the Big Tamale.