Gov. Herbert invites high school seniors to speak on face masks during press conference

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Governor Gary Herbert addressed the public in the state’s weekly COVID-19 press conference Wednesday afternoon. This week he invited three high school seniors from Enterprise High School in Washington County to speak on their experiences with encouraging face mask wearing among their peers.

The three teens have been speaking out in their community and on social media encouraging students to wear their masks, and for parents to encourage it as well. They say that having in-person learning is a fortunate thing to have right now and that making sacrifices such as wearing a mask shouldn’t be an issue.

“We don’t like (wearing masks) but we are going to do it because it ensures that we can do all these different things that we love-that we can participate in sports and be around our friends,” said the Enterprise High School seniors. “School is more about socializing and learning how to be your own self rather than just education…that is something we have really missed.”

The teens first began to speak out in their communities because they heard rumors that people were not agreeing with the mask mandate in schools and the teens felt that their senior year could be threatened if masks were not going to be worn.

“That almost broke our hearts a little bit. We want to be here (at school). We want to stay,” the Washington County teens said of the rumors.

The high school students continued to speak on how parents and students shouldn’t risk throwing away all their current opportunities and extra-curricular activities over such a small thing such as wearing a mask.

“We want to be here and we don’t want parents to be pushing this agenda that it’s not fun to wear a mask for kids so we shouldn’t be wearing a mask, because we are willing to do it,” the students said during the press conference. “We want to be here and we are willing to make that sacrifice and that is not a decision for the parents to make, that is not a decision for adults to make because they don’t understand how important it is to us.”

The Governor followed their remarks by further pushing parents and students to understand and appreciate the importance of wearing a mask, especially in school. The Governor then went on and thanked the high school students for their efforts in promoting face masks at school.

“We appreciate your courage, we appreciate your wisdom and for speaking for the young people in the state of Utah. I believe if we can do it down in Washington County where it is 110 degrees, we can do it anywhere in the state,” Gov. Herbert concluded. “We want you to have the best experience possible under these difficult circumstances.”

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