WEST JORDAN (ABC4 News) –  The parents of two young girls who were killed in a flash flood Monday are receiving an outpouring of support from friends and complete strangers.

On Thursday ABC4 News spoke to the organizers of a GoFundMe campaign that’s gaining momentum.

Titled “Support for the Graff Family”, the GoFundMe Page displays photos of seven year old Kinzley and three year old Ellie with their parents Tim and Becky from happier times. According to the accompanying story “Becky and Tim were always on a family adventure with their girls… Biking, Hiking, Camping, etc. Tim is the perfect “girl” Dad… He was always letting the girls paint his nails, put bows in his hair, do his make-up…   And he would actually go to the store with them dressed that way.  :)”

After Kinzley and Ellie were tragically swept away by floodwaters while hiking in Little Wildhorse Canyon Monday, friends decorated their West Jordan home with pink and blue ribbons and created chalk art tributes on their driveway.

Tim Erway, the CEO of the Becky’s employer Attraction Marketing, started the fundraising campaign.

“I just can’t imagine how much pain they’re going through so the last thing we want them to worry about right now is finances,” Erway said on a video call. “They have a lot of grieving to do and they have a long road ahead of them so we just wanted to be able to help out the best that we could.”

JT DeBolt is Becky’s Team Leader at Attraction Marketing. He describes Tim and Becky as amazing parents and incredibly giving people who are overwhelmed by the support they are receiving from their community and from around the world.

“I don’t know how a person can even wrap their head around how and what happened here,” DeBolt told ABC4 News. “You know,it’s just so difficult to grasp but I think what causes people to pour into this specific cause is that we have two amazing human beings who have suffered just an incomprehensible tragedy here and they are doing everything they can minute by minute to put one foot in front of the other and I think you just can’t help but support a true life champion like that.”

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