Flooding concern following Francis Fire

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FRUIT HEIGHTS (ABC4 News)- Last week residents in Fruit Heights were concerned over a wildfire. Now this week, folks are worried about flooding. 

“We stop picking peaches at 4 p.m.,” farmer Chris Healey said. 
During a normal peach season, Healey says his only concern is selling peaches. 

This season, Healey said he is worried more about saving his peaches from natural disasters.

“It’s pretty scary. We had all our stuff packed just in case we had to evacuate,” Healey said. 

Last week, officials say lightning sparked the Francis Fire.  Flames burned 365 acres and threatened Healey’s growing operation. As of Friday morning, the fire is 68% contained. 

Now, Healy is worried about protecting his crops from flooding.

The city of Fruit Heights says the heavy rainfall could cause debris flows or flooding from the Francis fire burn scar.

The city is asking residents to be on alert.

“The flooding is more concerned for some of my neighbors that are closer to the mountain we are set a little bit back from it but still something to be concerned about,” Healey said. 

That’s why Healey says he’ll take the city up on its free sandbags. 

Across the street from Healy’s peach shop, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints enough sandbag resources for residents to protect their homes.

“Fruit heights is a really good community for pulling together,” Healey said. 

If you need assistance or are worried about flooding contact the city of Fruit Heights or the Davis County Sheriff’s Department. 

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