FEMA earthquake scam targets Salt Lake City homeowner

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It’s been more than five months since the March 18th earthquake, but there’s new fallout.

Tori Bergstrom of Salt Lake City tells ABC4 she’s being scammed.

Showing documents from FEMA as her proof. The letters came in the mail on Saturday.

“We found that someone had made a claim on our property for housing assistance saying that our house was damaged so much that they needed someplace else to live, and that they had just filed it about two weeks ago,” said Bergstrom.

She explained what she felt the day of the earthquake.

“We were actually still in bed, and we felt kind of gentle rolling,” she said.

Despite the slight jitter, she says her home didn’t sustain any damage.

“We didn’t even have anything fall over on shelves.”

So, when the letters showed up at her home she was quite surprised.

“We noticed that they were addressed to my husband’s grandfather who owned the house previously, and who passed away 20 years ago, but we opened it because of that,” she said.

Bergstrom explains what was on the letters. “Our address, it had an out of state phone number on it that was separate, and then someone’s email address that I didn’t recognize.”

The number listed was an Atlanta, Georgia number. ABC4 called the number. We were connected to a man who said he lived in Connecticut, and had been receiving “a lot of weird phone calls lately.”

“It’s very upsetting just because I know a lot of people would ignore this kind of letter came in and think that’s not for me, or maybe it’s some sort of ad,” said Bergstrom. “I’m just going to throw it away and maybe wouldn’t notice.”

Bergstrom did call FEMA to report the fraud. She shares what a representative told her.

“They say it’s actually really common when there’s other natural disasters happening in other places,” she said.

Bergstrom hopes in sharing her experience, others will pay more attention to their mail and make sure it’s legit.

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