Salt Lake City, Utah- (ABC4 News) – This weekend, we spring the clocks an hour forward, and many hope it’s for the final time.

A bill sponsored by Representative Chris Stewart would clear the way for our state to make the move permanent.

“People are tired of switching the clocks, and it’s time for that to change and be permanent,” said Senator Wayne Harper, (R) Taylorsville.

Utah is poised to do just that under a bill sponsored by Harper and signed by the governor last year.

It would move our state to Daylight Saving Time for good.

It requires four other western states to agree to do the same, which has already happened, and a law change at the federal level.

So, for now we’re waiting on the federal government.

“Which is not unusual,” said Harper.

Current law allows states to opt for Standard Time all year, but not Daylight Saving Time.

Harper says 24 states have already passed legislation to make that change once federal law allows.

Utah Representative Chris Stewart says he’s ready to deliver.

“The polling is pretty clear. Most Americans would like to have just one standard time, and let it stay on that time, and not have the switch and not have it get so dark so early,” said Stewart, (R) Utah.

Stewart is sponsoring the Daylight Act, which would allow states to make the choice.

He’s feeling good about getting it to the president’s desk.

“It’s not political, not partisan, and doesn’t take Republican or Democrat to say, yeah, I hate Daylight Savings, I want it to be the same. So, we are actually really optimistic,” Stewart said.

As the clock ticks, Senator Harper hopes it will happen quick.

“I’m hoping this year,” said Harper.

This has been a hot-button issue for several years on Utah’s Capitol Hill, but last year, Senator Harper’s bill was nearly unanimous.