SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) Fears continue to grow here at home within the immigrant community and a directive from President Donald Trump to deport illegal aliens.

With a tweet, Salt Lake City’s Mayor Jackie Biskupski renewed the city’s effort with police not to enforce federal immigration policy or inquire about immigration status.

The mayor states, “The cities policy ‘ensures that immigrants in our community can feel comfortable engaging with SLCPD.”

This comes after President Trump stated Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids would start this week, only to back off two weeks at the request of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in order to come up with a solution to the crisis.

“This idea that it is just as simple as picking up a person and tossing them out of the country and it’s going to have minimal impact, it’s farces,” says Immigration lawyer Skyler Anderson based in Taylorsville, Utah.

Anderson says the immigration problem originated in 1996.

He adds, “Getting rid of Trump is not going to get rid of many of these terrible laws that we have that need to be changed, that are impacting children.”

Children who he says are stuck in the middle not knowing what will happen to their family members.

He says there are a few simple things people can do when approached by ICE officials.

“Just keeping quiet, respectfully saying ‘I don’t want to answer your questions,’ I don’t want to let you into my home if you don’t have a signed warrant, a warrant signed by a judge,” says Anderson.

He believes the reason is simple.

“You know they may even tell you, just shoot straight with me and it will be better for you, but it is not true. Whatever you say will be used against you,” says Anderson.

Which he says will happen in an immigration courtroom if arrested.

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