SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – FBI Special Agent in Charge Paul Haertel and U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber announced an arrest of one of the suspects in the arson of a police car during the May 30th protests in Salt Lake City.

Agent Haertel said that on May 30th they saw people hijack what was a peaceful and lawful protest to “incite violence and damage property.” He stated that rather than join in the pursuit of equality and justice they sought to undermine the greater message.

He said that on Friday, July 17th members of the JTTF located one of those suspects. Christopher Rojas as he left his apartment and got into an Uber. They were able to take Rojas into custody following a traffic stop.

He thanked the media for helping get the word out about the suspects.

He said the investigation is not over and the FBI is still looking for the other individual who set fire to the police car.

Agent Haertel said “We at the FBI do not conduct any investigation based upon protected 1st amendment activities, we do not police ideology, we look for those who wish to incite violence and do harm to the citizens in the area.”

U.S Attorney John Huber the announced the prosecution of Christopher Rojas, who faces five to twenty years if convicted for burning the police car.

He also said “Even if our opinions and viewpoints differ, the venue where we can exchange those ideas is possible because of the rule of law, because of law and order. That’s what enables us to share our opinions vocally, aggressively, but most of all lawfully”

“It allows us to exchange ideas, it allows us to exchange in commerce, and to pursue all the other lawful pursuits in our lives.”

The FBI also put out an updated wanted poster for another suspect they are looking to find