HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – Several families are gathering at cemeteries today to remember their fallen relatives who gave their lives to our country, but they’re also remembering others who have passed on.

Five generations of the Stout family are gathering at the Hurricane Cemetery for Memorial Day.

“I’ve got two little grandchildren and then my husband is buried here, and his parents and his grandparents and his great grandparents,” says Phyllis Abbott Stout of Hurricane.

Phyllis’ husband was Wynn Stout, who was an army veteran and she says other family members who served are also buried here.

“It’s a day to remember them and a day to teach my children about their ancestors who are buried here,” she says.

Stout says she uses Memorial Day to share the family’s history with her 104 grandchildren.

“We were raised with stories, with a very strong heritage, with stories of our grandparents, our great-grandparents,” says Angelyn Stout Adams.

Angelyn is Phyllis’ daughter and she drove down from Northern Utah to also share stories about other relatives who have passed on.

“I don’t know my great-grandparents but I do, through these stories, so it’s so important to me to tell my kids these stories because it was important for my parents to tell me,” she says.

These Utahns say they encourage everyone to learn about their family history and celebrate those who helped America get to where it is today.

“Memorial day is about life, even though we celebrate the lives of those passed on, but memorial day is really about life,” says Stout.