Evacuation lifted after chemical exposure at senior living apartments

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4): Salt Lake City Fire Department is investigating a chemical exposure at the Rendon Terrace Apartments.

“What we’re dealing with is a product that isn’t labeled according to rules and regulations for United States packaging,” said Capt. Tony Stowe of the Salt Lake City Fire Department. “It’s not something that would be sold in the United States typically.”

The exposure happened Sunday around 3 P.M. at the senior living community.

It was after investigators say a fumigant was released in one of the units.

The smoke was so thick it set off fire alarms. Initially, crews responded believing it was a fire. It wasn’t until they arrived, they realized they were dealing with a different situation.

“We do know that it was used for fumigation of some type, but as to what the ingredient list is is the difficulty,” said Stowe. “It isn’t in English. “We do have the 85th Civil Support which is a local resource through the military to test this product for us.”

Two tenants were transported to the hospital for respiratory problems. Two firefighters were also transported as a precaution.

As the investigation was underway, the entire building was evacuated.

Some of the tenants were taken to the Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center in Salt Lake City. The evacuation center was set up by the American Red Cross.

Tenants were allowed back into their homes just before 8 P.M. Sunday evening when the ban was lifted.

Investigators are now looking into whether the fumigant’s release was intentional or accidental as well as what the product was.

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