Education Support Professionals Day: An Update on the Union Middle Fire

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SANDY (ABC4 News) – Almost a month after a fire at Union Middle School in Sandy, construction is almost done in the damaged classrooms.

In honor of state-wide Education Support Professionals Day, ABC4 got a tour inside the building from the man in charge of cleanup. 

Tyler Allred is the facilities Manager at Union Middle and was one of the first people on scene the morning of the fire. He even ended up taking home a slew of class pets to keep them healthy. 

Allred explained that four classrooms had to be demolished and almost completely reconstructed to make sure the building is smoke-free and safe. 

He says taking care of the school is a matter of pride.

“It’s not just a come in and clean and go home,” said Allred. “This is actually my second home; treat this place like I do my house.”

A cleanup job like this is putting Allred much closer to the spotlight than he’d like. He says he usually knows his job is well done if nobody notices anything out of place.

“Just being thanked, even for a brief moment is worth everything,” said Allred.  “Because then I know that I’m on the right track and doing what I’m supposed to to make a safe environment for the teachers and the kids.”

Canyons says Union Middle should be done with construction and back to a regular schedule after the Thanksgiving break. 

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