East Carbon feeling heartache over loss of 11-year-old Holly Fox

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EAST CARBON, Utah. (ABC4) — East Carbon, a small community of 1,500 people, is feeling heartbreak as a memorial stands outside the home of 11-year-old Holly Fox who died alone in a house fire Sunday morning.

Holly died with just her puppy in her hands.

Neighbors told ABC4 this is reminder of how precious life is.

“You just saw flame ther were shooting everywhere smoke was barreling down the street,” said neighbor, Brandi Cross-Young. “It was awful.”

Holly’s memorial is full of pictures, stuffed animals, flowers , and words of love and affection.

Neighbors said Holly’s death could have been avoided.

“There are a lot of people that are mad and there are a lot of people that want to get to the bottom of it,” said Cross-Young.

Cross-Young lives a few doors down from Holly’s home and is a mother to six children, two of which are near Holly’s age. 

“This is unimaginable,” said Cross-Young.

Several neighbors, including Cross-Young told ABC4 this house fire is suspicious.

The East Carbon Fire Department confirmed the occupants of the home left a few hours before the fire started and did not come home until roughly 30 minutes after the fire started.

Fire crews initially did not know Holly was in the home.

“I know for me personally my heart stopped,” said East Carbon City firefighter Nickole McCartey. “I said I go on autopilot. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t want emotions to get involved.”

“She’s an angel,” said Cross-Young. “She’ll be watching over everybody now just like she did down here.”

“She was just everything you could ever ask for from a little girl,” said Cross-Young’s daughter, Makiley.

“It was horrible to have to have my kids wake up that morning and let them know that their friend that they play with all the time and was such a genuine, sweet little girl; she never judged anybody she was friends with everybody, had a tragic accident,” said Cross-Young. “Sometimes bad things happen to good people.”

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