E-coli outbreak confirmed in Hildale

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HILDALE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) — An E. Coli outbreak has been confirmed in Hildale.

Officials at the Southwest Utah Public Health Department are calling the outbreak serious.  They cannot confirm any hospitalizations, but the Director of Short Creek Family Services in Colorado City tells ABC4’s Lauren Matthias that there’s been at least one death.

“A sweet Little six-year-old. She became ill a couple days ago. There was a request for prayer posted on Facebook she passed away yesterday morning at 6:30 AM,” said Sherrie Kuns-Mackert, the Director of Short Creek Family Services.

Kuns-Mackert said many who live in Hildale and it’s neighboring Colorado City are worried as they learned an outbreak of E. coli has affected their community.

“Variety of emotions as I’m sure you can imagine with a small community like ours. Those with the children, and I feel in a way our community is isolated and people don’t have a sense of urgency for help and assistance up there,” said Kuns-Mackert.

“I believe our epidemiologist over the past few days was receiving reports of possible E. coli cases and it got to the point where she today went down to increase her investigation,” said David Heaton, with the Southwest Utah Public Health Department.

Health Department officials confirm they were there Saturday, and are actively investigating.
They can confirm that a water source is not the culprit. They’re focusing on the spread being connected to either food or animals. They also say it’s been confined to a small area.

“At this point we feel like that the E. coli is confined to a very specific area and we told residents of Hildale that we don’t see really any big risk to the community at large. This appears to be confined at this point,” said Heaton.

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