Crews use dish soap to pull woman from slot canyon

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[UPDATE] Lindsey Hargrave admitted publicly on her Facebook page about getting stuck in the slot canyon. 

Hargrave is in fair condition and she’s still in the hospital. 

[PREVIOUS STORY] EMERY COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- A Salt Lake County woman was rescued after she was stuck in a slot canyon for nearly 12 hours.

It happened in a narrow portion of Zero Gravity Canyon in the San Rafael Desert. Officials responded after receiving a call Wednesday around 4:30 p.m. from a man who said he needed help getting his wife out of a slot canyon.

Rescuers tried several different approaches to getting the woman out. They rigged a rope system to lower a team member into the canyon but he could not get close enough to her. Another team member who was slightly smaller, was eventually able to reach her, but when they tried to pull her out it was causing her too much pain.

Finally, a rescuer entered the canyon below her and was able to touch the bottom of her feet so she could push against him as she was being pulled from above. That didn’t work either.

“Moving her was causing further pain and making it difficult for her to breathe. At this point, rescuers considered calling for additional resources. They weighed options and reevaluated rescue efforts,” a press release from Emery County Sheriff’s Office said.

After pouring a gallon of dish soap around her and using various techniques, rescuers were able to pull the woman up far enough so she could sit on a choke stone in the canyon while they fitted her with a harness.

She was taken by air to a trauma center after nearly 12 hours in the canyon.

“This unfortunate event is a good time to remind those visiting the San Rafael Desert to do thorough research on the areas you intend to hike. Some canyons come with size restrictions, including Zero Gravity,” officials said.

The woman remains in good spirits. On Facebook she shared some words of advice for her friends,

“Reminder: don’t eat fajitas before attempting a slot canyon or you will get wedged and end up in the ICU covered in dish soap.”

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