Covid-19 hysteria impacting Utahns

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Jordan Leighton is a father of a seven month old daughter. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, he says the spread is impacting his family’s household even though no one in his home is sick with the illness.

“We wanted to stock up on baby formula,” said Leighton. “Not for the disease coming, but for all of the people that think it’s going to be an Apocalypse so that way we have it for our own house.”

Leighton shares his thoughts on the outbreak. “I don’t really think it means anything. I think it’s just another disease that’s going around.”

The state of Utah has been under a state of emergency since Friday.

It comes as health officials confirm Utah’s first Covid-19 case.

“This is the first person from that cruise ship that has come to our attention that has had symptoms,” said Dr. Angela Dunn, state epidemiologist.

The patient, a passenger on the Grand Princess Cruise ship in Japan, returned to Utah more than a week ago.

Health officials are now trying to identify who the individual came into contact with.

Despite the news, Dr. Dunn says now isn’t the time to freak out.

“Covid-19 we know for the vast majority of people is mild,” she explains. “You may have a slight fever, feel unwell. You can stay home and isolate until your symptoms are gone that’s why we’re saying don’t panic.”

Some people ABC4 spoke with agree.

“It has been fairly stressful,” said David Jensen, a shopper. “People are freaking out a little bit. A lot of people have plans to travel and that sort of thing and they’re not sure if it’s safe to travel or if they should just stay home.”

Confirmation of our state’s first case came shortly after the governor declared a state of emergency.

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