ROY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Utah woman turns 100 and she’s celebrating with family and friends by having a drive-by parade.

Friends and family drove by Marjorie Tobias’ home on Saturday to honk their car horn, wave, and wish her happy birthday from inside their car.

“Yeah, I know it. My gosh. I didn’t think that’d happen. I was surprised,” Tobias said.

Tobias has lived through major life events like the Great Depression, World War II, and now, a global pandemic.

“People just didn’t have the money to spend. But they stayed home and got together more [and] played cards,” Tobias said.

In her own personal life, Tobias is a cancer survivor and has had heart bypass surgery.

“But I’ve had a good life though,” Tobias said.

Having lived for a century, Tobias said her secret to living to 100 is to “Get up in the morning, get going, you know. Don’t lay around saying you’re sick.”

While her 100th birthday may not have been how her family planned to sped it with her, she said she enjoyed seeing so much love and support.

“Oh, I know it. It’s been a gang here today, my gosh. Never thought I’d be 100. I feel fine,” Tobias said.

As part of Tobias turning 100, extended family brought her 100 roses to celebrate each year of her life.

Tobias was born in Malad, Idaho, on April 18, 1920.

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