SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Will Colin Ray perform his concert Saturday? Utah Business Revival’s Eric Moutsos said in a Facebook video “We are still a go” at the Studio Ranch in Granstville. This is in apparent defiance of Tooele issueing a public health order for the closure of Studio Ranch.

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The video post is embedded above in it’s entirety.

The controversial concert was first supposed to happen in Kaysville, but under pressure, the mayor’s decision was changed, then it was supposed to happen in Tooele, now county officials have said no.

People gather during the Utah Business Revival rally, calling for Utah’s economy to be re-opened, Saturday, April 18, 2020, in Salt Lake City. Utah will aim to reopen restaurants and gyms and resume elective surgeries in early May under a plan unveiled Friday by Gov. Gary Herbert to gradually reopen the economy that has been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Now in a Facebook post organizer Eric Moutsos says the concert will happen.

In the post, he mentions what is happening in the media and with the health department, “with respect to the Mannings’ property, the Studio Ranch Amphitheater.” He said that in light of all of that, “We are still a go, and so if you are a small business you are invited to come for free. If you are the general public, you are invited to come for free. we are really excited about it.”

But Tooele officials say the public health order is still in place, plus there is a temporary restraining order to stop event organizers. ABC4 News was told there is a hearing scheduled for Friday concerning the restraining order on the event…and that maybe Mr. Moutsos is hoping the hearing goes in his favor.

In the video, Eric Moutsos, explains he believes, “We are at a tipping point in America right now saying “our freedom’s really are on the line.” Shawn Milne

The video goes on to explain the safety precautions he and the Utah Business Revival are taking.

He says “We call for people to respect those who want to social distance at 7 feet. We have masks being donated, we have EMT’s, we have security, we have port-potties, we have hand sanitizing stations, and we have hand-washing stations, and so it’s going to be really great. So don’t be afraid of what you’re hearing in the media, because you know how the media is, just know I believe this is about faith over fear.”

Tooele County Commissioner Shawn Milne, says “There is a process to go through to get an event planned in Tooele without the pandemic, and Utah Business Revival organizers have not gone through the regular process let alone what we have to do during the pandemic. In either case we have to make sure we keep our community safe.”

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